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How to improve the lubrication effect of automatic putty machine
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The cracks, peeling and falling off of the automatic putty machine are mainly caused by the weak adhesion between the putty and the base course. If the grass-roots cleaning is not clean or the treatment method is not proper, the template isolating agent, oil, inorganic acid and organic acid are not thoroughly removed. No caustic water solution is used (for cleaning wall oil stain), and no binder or putty formula emulsion is added, which will reduce the bonding strength between the putty and the base layer.

The putty coating is too thick. The thickness of putty coating is related to the selection of material and mix proportion. If large white putty is applied, for the convenience of operation, the amount of talcum powder is large, which improves the lubricating performance of the putty. Generally speaking, the coating will not be too thick. However, if the content of large white powder increases from the perspective of the filling effect of putty, the coating may be too thick because of the coarse particles of the large self powder and poor lubrication performance of the putty.

Automatic putty machine can play a good effect, let's take a specific look at where to use. The necessary condition is to have, that is, water and electricity must be available at the construction site, which is the basic condition, otherwise, it can not work. Flat ground, the construction site should try to choose those safe flat ground, if the ground is uneven, it will affect the flatness of putty.

No children are allowed. Children must be isolated at the construction site, otherwise dangerous things may happen. The prepared mortar is only a simple coating, and can not distinguish the quality of putty, so it is necessary to prepare putty slurry.